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Mission Statement:
To provide environmental solutions in a manner consistent with conservation and sustainability. Our goal is to be the vehicle with which our clients can leave a legacy of environmental stewardship; a legacy for the next generation to enjoy, appreciate and protect.

About Us – Company History

In January 2003, Greg Garner sold the family farm he’d been raised on to try a new business venture: green roofing. He learned about this new technology and with the support of his family made the decision to commit completely to the green roofing industry and to Elevated Landscape Technologies Inc. With his background in agriculture, business and unconditional support from family; years of perseverance and patience have resulted in a truly world class green company.

ELT has been providing green roof and living wall systems for 7 years. In this time we have developed a strong network of Producers, Contractors, and Distributors who share our commitment to our clients and our vision with regards to sustainability. This network assists in delivering world class service and support for ELT EasyGreen® products and services worldwide; with offices in Ontario and Quebec, Canada and distributors and representatives around the world. The World is now realizing the need for sustainable practices and the people in the ELT EasyGreen® Network will continue to work toward our mission statement.